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Library Policies


It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to encourage the use and borrowing of Summit Free Public Library’s print and non-print materials.

1.  Residents
The Library issues full service library cards to individuals who reside in the City of Summit. Residents applying for a Library card must provide current proof of residence. Cards are valid for three years.

2. Non-Residents
a. Property Owner
The Library issues cards to individuals who own property in the City of Summit. Cards are valid for three years from the date of issuance, while patron owns property in City.
b. Non-Resident Student Cards
The Library issues courtesy cards to non-resident students attending Summit public schools and private schools in Summit. The Summit Library requires the student to provide proof of attendance to obtain a courtesy card. Cards issued to non-resident students are valid for one year. Cards are for use in the Summit Library only and may not be used to place inter-library loan requests. 
c. Works-in-City Cards
The Library issues cards to individuals who are employed in the City of Summit. Applicants must present proof of employment. Cards are valid for one year from the date of issuance, while employee works in City. Cards are for use in the Summit Library only. 
d. Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges
The Library extends privileges to residents with a library card from the libraries of the MURAL, Morris/Union Federation (MUF) and all Millburn resident cardholders. A valid form of identification showing the home address, in addition to the library card, is required. Reciprocal Borrowers may borrow materials (individual collection restrictions apply), and use the Library’s Internet terminals.
e. Non-resident Card/Paid
Entitles the purchaser to borrow all library materials, place interlibrary loans and to use the Library’s computers. Cards are for use in the Summit Library only. The annual fee for this card is $75.00. 

3. Juvenile Resident/Non-Resident Library Cards 
The Summit Free Public Library issues juvenile resident or non-resident library cards to persons from birth to 16 years of age. In-person authorization signed by a parent or guardian via a completed library card application is required. The parent or guardian accepts responsibility for the card and attests to the age of the applicant. Cardholders younger than 17 years of age may borrow only “family” designated DVDs and all video games except those rated M.

4. Homebound Resident Cards 
Individuals who find it difficult to come to the library because of a permanent medical or other condition may apply to the Supervisor of Circulation for a Homebound Card. Patrons will be required to explain why homebound status is needed. Proof of City of Summit residency is required. The patron must designate on the Library card application form a person to act on their behalf. Homebound cards are fine-exempt, but homebound cardholders are responsible for lost, unreturned or damaged items.

5. Replacement of Cards
Cardholders should report a lost or stolen card to the Circulation Department as soon as possible. The Library charges a $3.00 non-refundable replacement fee for lost library cards.

6. Use of Cards by Others 
All cards are issued to individuals, except juvenile cards as defined above. A resident card may be used to charge out library materials by other members of the cardholder’s household or a caregiver with the cardholder’s permission, unless that member's own borrowing privileges have been revoked. Works-in-Town cards and non-resident cards are issued for individual use only and are not eligible for use by other family members.
No card is transferable, to or from, for use by non-family members under any circumstances. The Summit Library reserves the right to require another acceptable form of identification when a card is presented for use.

7. Acceptable Forms of Identification for Application or Renewal 
a. Residents – Residents must present identification showing name of applicant and current Summit address (taxpayer not U.S. Postal address). Possible forms of ID include:
* Driver’s license showing Summit resident address (Taxpayer)
* Lease, Mortgage or Rental Agreement showing resident address
* Summit Tax Bill
* Utility bill show registrants’ name and address (within 30 days)
* Bank or Credit card statement (within 30 days)
* Car registration
b. Non-residents:
Property Owner – Property owner must present identification showing name of applicant, City address owned and current home address.
* Summit Tax Bill
* Property Deed 
Non-resident Students Courtesy Card – Students must present a valid school identification card, report card, or letter from school for the current academic year and current home address.

8. Library Card Renewal
Cardholders will be asked to re-verify their status for continued library privileges by presenting an appropriate form of identification.

1. The Summit Free Public Library sends the cardholder two (overdue notice and bill) notifications of overdue materials. However, the responsibility for returning borrowed materials and paying all fines and fees accrued is not conditional upon the cardholder receiving overdue notification. When unpaid library fines and fees total $5.00 or more, the patron’s library card will be made delinquent with borrowing privileges suspended until the accumulated fines and fees are paid in full. The Circulation Manager is authorized to revoke privileges at any time before issuing notices, when abuse of privileges so warrants.

2. When a library cardholder has received an overdue notice for an item and notifies the Summit Free Public Library that the item was previously returned, the staff will conduct a thorough search. The Library staff will also ask the patron to continue to search for the item. The Circulation Manager is authorized to resolve cases in which the cardholder claims the materials has been returned but cannot be located within the Library.

3. The Library’s circulation system automatically changes the status of overdue materials to "Lost" status when the materials are between 28 to 33 days past due. At that time, the maximum overdue fine changes to the price of the materials. If the cardholder returns the lost materials, the cardholder is charged the overdue fine.

4. The Library uses any legal means available to effect return of materials, including securing the services of a commercial collection agency and/or prosecuting in municipal court under pertinent laws and ordinances. In addition to the charges, a service fee of $12 is charged to the cardholder when a collection agency is utilized. If an account is prosecuted in municipal court, court fees will apply.

5. Staff restores borrowing privileges promptly when materials are returned, found, or paid for and accounts are settled.

6. Fines are charged on overdue materials for each day the Library is open, according to the current fine schedule. 

7. Materials borrowed are not considered returned until all parts are received by the Library. If an item is returned with parts (booklets, cover, cases, discs, cassettes, etc.) missing, the items will not be discharged and fines will continue to accrue until all parts are received by the Library. The Library staff will make an effort to contact the patron promptly as time permits.

The Library does not maintain records of materials individuals have borrowed and returned in the past, except when materials have been returned late and a fine is incurred and/or when items are lost or damaged. All information on the individual cardholder is confidential except for notification and collection of overdue or unreturned materials, and in the case of a juvenile card when the parent or guardian has signed the application card.

1. Cardholders may place or cancel requests materials on the library website, www.summitlibrary.org; or, during library hours, by telephone, 908-273-0350, option 2; or in the library themselves at a library catalog terminal or with staff assistance at the circulation or reference desks.

2. Cardholders may not check out an item that another patron has reserved.

A cardholder may authorize a person residing in their household to pick-up holds by giving them the library card with which the reserve was placed. The library may request additional identification from the person presenting the card and may verify use of the card with the patron to whom the card belongs.

1. Cardholders may renew materials twice.

2. Cardholders may renew materials on the library website, www.summitlibrary.org; or, during library hours, by telephone, 908-273-0350 press 2 for circulation; or at a library catalog terminal or with staff assistance at the circulation desk.

3. Cardholders may not renew items that are on reserve.

The Library allows in-house use of library resources, however the Library reserves the right to require and hold an acceptable form of identification for use of materials, equipment or study rooms. An acceptable form of identification, as determined by Library staff must identify the patron by name. An additional form of identification showing address may be requested at the discretion of the Library staff member. 
Holding of personal belongings such as, but not limited to, coats, brief cases, cell phones or other personal electronic equipment is not allowed.